Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)

The Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) is a custody alternative program that helps clients remain connected to their families and employment, while preserving jail space in Santa Clara County. By using of current technology and evidence-based practices, the Probation Department monitors suitable clients, who would otherwise be incarcerated, in a manner that holds them accountable for their actions and protects the community. As a result, these clients may remain in the community maintaining their employment and/or education, attend treatment/counseling services, and paying victim restitution, if applicable.

All applicants will be screened by the Probation Department for eligibility and suitability. The following factors will make an applicant ineligible:

  • Court order prohibits EMP, or No Early Release Programs (NERP)
  • Active PC 1170(h), PRCS or Parole clients
  • Present offense is under Sections 1192.7 or 667.5(c) of the Penal Code
  • Felony Domestic Violence where applicant and victim cohabitate
  • No verifiable address
  • Pending new criminal court matter

If a client is found suitable for participation in EMP, an electronic device will be installed on the person's ankle allowing EMP staff to continuously supervise the client closely. Depending on the individual needs, a client can be placed on various devices, including, but not limited to, Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring via an anklet, a handheld breathalyzer, and or a Secured Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) anklet. Along with continuous electronic monitoring, frequent field and in person contacts are made by EMP staff. Supervision while on EMP may include random home searches and drug/alcohol testing, as applicable. While on EMP, clients must have prior approval to leave home for any reason and their daily schedules must be approved by the EMP staff. Clients are subject to surveillance at any time. If the client is away from home or work without permission, tests positive for illegal drugs, or becomes a risk to the community, the client may be failed from the program and returned to jail to serve the remainder of their sentence.

There is no cost for EMP. Participation is FREE. Participants are eligible for ½ Credit Time Served (CTS) pursuant to PC 4019, dependent upon their sentencing Order.

How to apply for EMP:

Applications can be found online (links below)

In person at the Probation Department – Adult Services Division 2314 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131

Resources and Printable information:

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EMP Informational Brochures: Select your preferred language below

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Program Contact Information:

  • Adult Probation Department: (408) 435-2000
  • EMP Clerk: (408) 435-2089

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